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Off The Wall presents to you a black soundbar bracket. These bars accommodates the latest need of your flat screen television that comes with a sound bar that allows the TV to provide impressive sound quality. For best results, these bars need to be placed close to the screen with its mounting hardware and fixed frame. With the Sound Bar Bracket, you can easily mount a sound bar at the ideal position to provide your family with the best viewing experience. This Sound Bar Bracket is a hifi add on that works with a variety of television stands, including the Small Origin Television Stand, the Large Television Origin Stand, and the Motion Television Stand. Once it is in place on a compatible stand, it allows a sound bar to be swiveled right along with the screen. You can use the bar with any bracket that has threaded inserts, wall or ceiling bracket fixings or key holes on its back that are spaced 8 to 32 centimeters apart. You can also use this for hanging av, home theater or any installation overhead.

4 ( 4 / 5 )
Quite long for my particular soundbar, probablly not a design failure as such but that is my experience. Maybe I need a bigger soundbar

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