Privacy Policy

Chase Resources Ltd believe it is important that you are able to shop in complete confidence, in the knowledge that your information is kept secure at all times, so we promise to ensure your information is stored appropriately. 



We will not sell or pass on your personal information to any third parties unless this information is to be used in the processing of your order, as we realise how important your privacy is to you. 


We will not send you unwanted email or promotional mail without your explicit permission. 


We take all reasonable care to ensure that any unauthorised access to your personal data is prevented. 


Please note, this policy only applies to our website, it does not cover the web sites of other companies, individuals or organisation to which we may provide links. 


Cookies are used on this shopping site to keep track of the contents of your shopping cart once you have selected an item, and for various other things like performance tracking.


What are cookies?


A "cookie" is a text file containing small amounts of information which a server downloads to your personal computer (PC) or mobile when you visit a website. The server then sends a cookie back to the originating website each time you subsequently visit it, or if you visit another website which recognises that cookie.


There are different types of cookies which are used to do different things, such as letting you navigate between different pages on a website efficiently, remembering preferences you have given a website, and improving your overall experience. Others are used to provide you with advertising which is more tailored to your interests, or to measure the number of site visits and the most popular pages users visit.


Some cookies are allocated to your PC only for the duration of your visit to a website, and these are called session based cookies. These automatically expire when you close down your browser.


Another type of cookie known as a "persistent". These cookies would remain on your PC for a period of time.


What are the new rules?


Website operators already have to give users information about the cookies they use and why they use them. Now they also have to have your consent to use them.


In order to comply with these new rules, we ask for your consent


When you visit Chase AV Direct for the first time after we introduced these icons we will show you a notice which tells you that we use cookies, why we use them, and how you can change if you choose to accept them. If you enter Chase AV Direct having seen this notice without making any changes to the existing cookie settings we have provided we will take this as your agreement to those settings as we have told you about them and we assume you are happy with them. If you change the settings using the icons on the sliding scale, you are giving your consent to use those which you have not disabled.


However, one of the categories of cookies which we have identified is those which are 'strictly necessary' to enable us to provide you with any service which you have requested from us to be delivered online. We do not need to ask for your consent to use these, as we would not be able to provide the service you had asked for without them.


A further category of cookies which we have identified we have called 'Performance cookies' and we use these only to improve our site or measure response rates. All information collected by these cookies is anonymous and does not in any way impact on your privacy. We need to use them to maintain our site's effectiveness and ease of use, so we have not provided an opportunity for these to be disabled, and by using our site and online services you are agreeing that we can place these types of cookies on your PC.




Please check the individual web sites we link to for their Privacy Policies.


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